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Amazon Go Stores Coming to San Francisco and Chicago

Amazon Go Stores Coming to San Francisco and Chicago

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Permits for retail space have been filed in both cities

Amazon Go will be opening up shop in San Francisco and in Chicago according to job openings and retail space permits.

Amazon Go may have just opened its first cashless store this past January, but it is already opening two more locations in San Francisco and Chicago. Amazon has posted job listings for store managers for both cities on its website, and local San Francisco and Chicago outlets have confirmed that Amazon has acquired permits for retail spaces in the cities.

The first Amazon Go store in Seattle uses cameras and sensors to track customer purchases. The store sells supermarket goods and has no human cashiers, but humans do work security, stock shelves, and check ID for alcohol purchases. After the first Amazon Go opened, the brand announced that they had plans to open six more storefronts.

Curbed Chicago reports that a building permit was filed for an “Amazon Store” across from the James R. Thompson Center in the downtown Loop area, while the San Francisco Chronicle reports permits were filed for a space in Union Square at Post and Kearny streets. Chicago is one of the 20 cities being considered for Amazon’s second headquarters. The city already has an Amazon Books store in its Southport Corridor neighborhood that serves Stumptown coffee, which once scored very highly in our taste test of the best iced coffee brands.