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Eggplant salad

Eggplant salad

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The eggplants in the freezer are drained and drained very well, they leave quite a lot of water.

Put the eggplant in a bowl and mix with a little oil.

Add the yolk and continue rubbing, adding a little oil from time to time. Rub well until we finish the oil, but let's not forget to alternate with mustard.

Add salt and white pepper to taste and then refrigerate.

Finely chop the onion and put it in the salad only when serving.

Good appetite!


Hello dear lusts. Today I prepared EGGPLANT SALAD which I served with crispy garlic-flavored bread. It is an easy to prepare, healthy and very delicious recipe. I hope you like this recipe and enjoy it. I wish you a day as tasty as possible and good appetite!


2-3 tablespoons - olive oil

Method of preparation:

  1. Bake the eggplant directly on the stove flame for 3-4 minutes on each side. You can do the same procedure in the oven, on the grill or on the grill.
  2. Put the baked eggplants in a bowl, cover the bowl with cling film and let it sit for 30-40 minutes, so it will be easier to peel them.
  3. Remove the food foil, peel the eggplant and remove the tail.
  4. Cut the eggplant into small cubes, cut the tomatoes, onions and chop the parsley.
  5. Transfer the vegetables to a bowl, season with salt, black pepper, drain the lemon juice, pour the olive oil and mix.
  6. Brown the slices of bread on both sides, then rub the slices with garlic and serve with eggplant salad. Good appetite.
If you are preparing this recipe, don't forget to take a photo of it and use the hashtag #valeriesfood

Chickpea salad and eggplant

When summer comes, even the idea of ​​a heavy, hot plate of legumes can make you shudder and not want to eat them. This means that you will avoid one of the most nutritious and necessary staple foods. But have you thought about eating legumes in a salad?

Today we offer you a recipe for chickpea and eggplant salad. It is the perfect combination that reminds us of traditional "home cooking". In addition, the high nutritional content of its ingredients makes it a ideal, satisfying and tasty dish, perfect for any time of year.

Let's first learn something about the main ingredients and their health benefits.


Chickpeas are a legume and therefore a staple food that should be included in any diet. Chickpeas have a high content of vegetable proteins and are a source of calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium and phosphorus. In addition, it is rich in vitamin E, thiamine, niacin and folate. It also contains large amounts of fiber, which promotes intestinal transit and makes you feel full.

Chickpeas provides 19.4 g of protein per 100 g and only 5 g of fat or fat.


Eggplants are a vegetable that offers many benefits. They are high in fiber, minerals and vitamins and are extremely versatile in the kitchen. All this makes them perfect for all types of diets, especially for people who want to lose or keep their weight under control.

Eggplants are low in calories (38 per 100 g), because almost 93% of their content is water. It also provides calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus and iron. They are rich in flavonoids and antioxidants that strengthen the immune system and heart function.

As for their vitamin content, Eggplant is distinguished by the concentration of thiamine, riboflavin, vitamin B6, ascorbic acid (vitamin C), vitamin A and carotene.

However, you need to keep in mind that you should not eat raw eggplant. This vegetable contains an alkaloid substance, solanine, which is toxic if eaten raw, but is inactivated when cooked. That's why we recommend it always wash the eggplants well and soak them in salted water. In this way, the vegetable will lose some of its water and the bitter taste that solanine gives it. After that, you have to cook it.

In any case, there is not enough solanine to cause intoxication, even if you eat raw eggplant. However, it will taste bitter if you do not cook it, so it is better to cook it.

Eggplant salad with egg yolk

In 4 minutes you put on the table a fresh and tasty appetizer that everyone will appreciate. Simplicity and taste blend perfectly in this eggplant salad with egg yolk prepared at Thermomix. No extra utensils and no tears.

Preparation time: 1 min.

Total cooking time: 3 min.

Difficulty: Very easy

Amount: 4 servings

Eggplant salad & # 8211 Chinese restaurant at your home! A salad that looks great and is super good!

If you are looking for a delicious and original vegetable appetizer, then the recipe below is exactly what you need. We present you the recipe for an amazing salad with eggplant, which conquers from the first. From the most affordable vegetables you get a particularly appetizing and aromatic salad, a little spicy, which will not leave anyone indifferent. It is perfect to be served as an appetizer at the holiday table.


-1-2 teaspoons coriander seeds


1. Pour the water into a (larger) saucepan and bring to a boil.

2. When the water starts to boil, add 4 teaspoons of salt.

3. Wash the eggplant. Put them in the pan with water and salt. When the eggplant starts to boil, cover the pan with a lid and make a small fire. Boil them for about 10 minutes.

4. Pour the boiled eggplant into a strainer and let it drain (and cool).

5. Peel and wash the onion. Cut it in half. Cut half an onion into straws and place in a bowl. Cut the second half of the onion into cubes.

6. Remove the tail and cut the eggplant straw (1 cm thick and 5 cm long). Add the chopped eggplant to the onion bowl.

7. Wash the peppers and remove the back of the seeds. Cut it well. Add it to the eggplant bowl. If the pepper is small, you can use 2 or 3 peppers of different colors.

8. Pour the vinegar essence and 1 teaspoon of salt into the bowl. Stir. Cover the vegetables with a plate and press well.

9. Peel and chop the garlic.

10. Wash the hot pepper and cut it into small cubes. If you prefer a more spicy salad, you can leave the seeds. If you want less spicy vegetables & # 8211 remove the seeds.

11. Fry the diced onion in a frying pan with hot oil. When the onion starts to soften, add the sugar and stir. Fry until the onion is browned.

12. Remove the pan from the heat and add the chopped coriander seeds to the onion. Stir.

13. Add the chopped garlic and hot pepper to the onion pan. Stir.

14. Add the soy sauce and fried onion with spices to the eggplant bowl. Mix well.

15. Cover the vegetables with a plate and press well. Refrigerate the vegetables for at least 3 hours. The longer the salad is marinated, the more delicious it will be.

Watch the preparation in the video below.

Our team wishes you good luck with your loved ones!

Eggplant salad - quick recipe

At we know how precious time is, that's why we want to always offer you quick alternatives in terms of meals, but also delicious snacks. As we have already accustomed you, we present you quick recipes, easy to make thanks to the ready-to-cook products that we make available to you on our website.

Therefore, if you want to quickly prepare a delicious eggplant salad, choose ripe and chopped eggplant from Edenia. With this product you get rid of the complicated operations of baking, peeling and chopping vegetables, all you have to do is thaw them in the refrigerator (the optimum temperature is 2-4 degrees), about 12 hours before cooking. Edenia eggplants do not contain preservatives and are available on at a very advantageous price.

So, here is the list of ingredients you need for this quick dish:

  • a bag of frozen and chopped eggplant Edenia, which weighs 450 grams
  • 3 eggs (yolks only)
  • 150 ml of oil
  • an onion
  • lemon juice
  • salt.

Five exceptionally good eggplant salad recipes!

These 5 recipes will make you look at the eggplant with different eyes. Each salad is tasty in its own way and is prepared from the simplest ingredients. If you don't know what food to cook with eggplant, then today's collection is for you!

1. Eggplant salad with tomatoes

A simple light salad recipe for everyday meals. Perfect in the season of fresh vegetables.


-2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar or 9% vinegar


1. Place the eggplants in the baking dish and prick their surface with a toothpick so that they do not explode.

2. Bake the eggplant in the preheated oven at 180 ° C for about 30 minutes. Check that they are ready with a fork, it should easily pierce the eggplant pulp.

3.Cut the onion in half into rounds, add the sugar, ½ teaspoon of salt and apple cider vinegar. Pour boiling water, mix and let the onion marinate for 30 minutes.

4. Peel a squash, grate it and cut it into cubes. Cut the tomatoes in the same way.

6. In a salad bowl, add eggplant, tomatoes, parsley and marinated onions.

7. Season the salad with salt and black pepper to taste, add ½ tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and about 2 tablespoons of oil. Stir.

The salad is light and vitamin. It does not contain excess fat due to the fact that eggplants are ripe.

2. Eggplant salad with mushroom taste

A filling salad, which is easily prepared from a minimal set of ingredients.



1.Cut the eggplant into rounds and the rounds into straws. Transfer the eggplant to a bowl, add ½ tablespoon of salt, stir and leave for 20 minutes until enough to leave the juice.

2.Cut the onion in half into rounds, add the sugar, ½ teaspoon of salt and vinegar. Pour 1 glass of boiling water, stir and leave the onion until the water cools.

3. Pour the eggplant into a strainer, rinse under running water and let it drain.

4. Fry the eggplant, in 2-3 batches depending on the size of the pan and the amount of eggplant, on the hot pan with a small amount of oil. Cook the eggplant over low heat until soft.

5. Remove the eggplant on a plate lined with absorbent napkins, as it removes excess fat.

6. Transfer the eggplant to the salad bowl, add the sliced ​​eggs, dried onion with a paper towel, just a little salt, mayonnaise and mix the salad very well.

Although it has few components and you only have to follow a few simple steps, the salad is very tasty and really resembles the one with mushrooms.

3. Eggplant salad with chicken breast

An appetizing and nutritious salad. It is served as a dinner or as a complement to the main course.



1.Cut the eggplant into rounds and the rounds into straws. Transfer the eggplant to a bowl, add salt, stir and leave for 20 minutes, until the juice is gone.

2.Then rinse the eggplants with cold water and transfer them to a strainer to drain the liquid well.

3.Add 1-2 tablespoons of oil, mix and fry them on the dry pan, in a few steps, to cover the base of the pan.

4.Wash the chicken breast and dry it with paper towels. Sprinkle the meat with salt and rub it with curry on all sides.

5. Place the chicken breast halves on the hot pan with a little oil and fry them over high heat for about 1 minute on each side until a crust forms.

6.Then pour ½ a glass of water into the pan, cover with a lid and simmer the meat for 15 minutes.

7.Cut the chicken breast, prepared and cold, medium pieces.

8. Cut the onion in half into rounds, the carrot - thin straw about 5-6 cm long, and the pepper - short straw.

9. Fry the onion a little on the pan heated with oil, add the carrot and cook the vegetables over medium heat for 3-4 minutes. Then add the pepper and fry for another 2-3 minutes.

10.Cut the tomato into quarters, remove the seeds, and cut the pulp into thin strips.

12.Put the eggplant, chicken breast, fried vegetables, tomatoes and parsley in the bowl.

13. Season the salad with salt and pepper to taste, add the mayonnaise and mix.

Tasty, consistent and flavorful, this recipe is really worth trying!

4. Pan-fried eggplant salad

A simple appetizer, but tasty and spicy. It is appreciated by everyone, especially men.


-1/3 teaspoon of paprika

-1/2 teaspoon of khmeli-suneli


1. Peel the eggplant, then cut into quarters. Transfer the eggplant to a bowl, add 1 tablespoon of salt, mix well and leave for 20 minutes, until the juice leaves.

2.Then rinse the eggplants with cold water and transfer them to a strainer to drain the liquid well.

3.Cut the onion into quarter slices and chop the parsley.

4. Fry the onion in the pan with oil, over medium heat, until golden.

5. Pour 2 tablespoons of eggplant oil, mix well and transfer to the pan with onions. Cook the vegetables over medium heat until soft, about 10 minutes.

6. At the end, add the paprika, khmeli-suneli and garlic given through the press. Stir, cover the pan with a lid and simmer the vegetables for 2 minutes.

7.Then add the parsley, stir and remove the pan from the heat.

The salad is served cold. It is unusual and very tasty. Works perfectly as a garnish.

5. Eggplant salad with bell peppers

Salad is the lifeblood of housewives. You can prepare a larger portion because it keeps for a long time.


For the marinade:

-100 ml of apple cider vinegar 9% vinegar

-1 teaspoon ground black pepper.


1. Peel the eggplants, then cut them in half lengthwise.

2. Add 4 tablespoons of salt to a large saucepan of water and mix. Place the eggplant in salted water, cover the bowl with a lid and set it on fire. Boil the eggplants for 10 minutes, after the water boils, until they become soft and you can easily pierce them with a fork, but keep their shape.

3. Drain the eggplants and let them cool. After that, cut them into large pieces.

4.Cut the short straw pepper, onion - halves into rounds, pass the carrot through a medium grater.

5.Prepare the marinade. In a bowl, mix salt, sugar, apple cider vinegar, oil, black pepper and garlic given through the press.

6. Transfer the eggplant to the salad bowl, then add the onion, carrot and bell pepper. Pour the marinade and mix the salad. You can serve it after 2 hours.

Add the salad in jars, we got 3 jars of 1l, and put it in the fridge. It keeps very well for 1 month. But rest assured that it will be eaten much faster.

You can find the original recipe here.

Prepare the garlic first.

Bake the garlic in a heat-resistant dish for 15-20 minutes at 180 degrees.

We will place the ripe and well drained eggplants on the mincer and we will chop them together with the baked and cleaned garlic.

Put two tablespoons of sweet mustard in a bowl and mix it, dripping a little oil over it, just like mayonnaise, then add sour cream, mix and season with salt and pepper.

Mix the chopped eggplant with sour cream, match the taste of salt and pepper and the salad is ready.

I served it with a little chopped red onion, the children served it simple, it's good anyway!

Eggplant salad for winter & # 8211 I assure you, is the best eggplant recipe for winter!

We present you a recipe for delicious eggplant, preserved with carrot, garlic and parsley. They are prepared amazingly simple and fast, being particularly fragrant and appetizing. Eggplants are perfect to be served with meat or as an appetizer. Enjoy the most delicious vegetables throughout the cold season.



1. Wash the eggplants and cut them into rounds. Sprinkle with salt and leave at room temperature for 20 minutes.

2. Wash the eggplant with salt and arrange on a kitchen towel.

3. Fry the eggplant in a pan with hot oil on both sides.

4. Prepare the marinade: mix the vinegar with water, a part of the garlic (pressed), the hot ground pepper and the salt to taste.

5. Peel the carrot and pass it through the Korean-style carrot grater.

6. Chop the garlic and parsley.

7. Soak the eggplants in the marinade and arrange them in jars. Alternate the eggplant layers with the carrot, garlic and parsley.

8. Pour in each jar the juice and oil left over from frying the eggplant.

9. Sterilize the jars for 35 minutes. Close them with lids and cover them with a duvet. Let them cool.

Eggplant salad with avocado

We know very well that eggplants are known for their acidity, just as we know that avocado is known for balancing acid. How about combining the two ingredients and seeing what we can get? A creamy and balanced salad, which will be seasoned with lemon.
You need:
• 2 eggplants
• a suitable onion
• 1-2 tablespoons olive oil
• 1 avocado
• salt and pepper to taste
• 1-2 tablespoons lemon juice

How is it prepared?
Very easy! Bake the eggplant and make sure they are well drained beforehand. You pass them and chop the onion as small as possible, which you will later add to the composition. In a separate bowl, make avocado puree, along with which you add some of the lemon juice. You will now add the entire content over the eggplant composition. Mix and add the rest of the ingredients along the way. If you want the mixture to be thinner, you can add a drop of water until it gets the desired consistency.


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